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Sustainable • Certified Organic • Gluten-Free

Wholesale Organic Whey Protein

ORGANIC Our specialty is fresh, certified organic, wholesale organic protein.

WHOLESALE Big or small, all orders receive the same attention and care.

SUSTAINABLE Our milk comes from only small, sustainable, family farmers.

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"Bulk organic whey protein is hard to find. Many distributors don't have it in stock, and even manufacturers have limited supply.

Your whey protein tastes very fresh, and will be a real value added ingredient to our product line. Thank you for making this hard to find health product more widely available!"

- Marcus D. | Wholesale Customer

Did You Know?

Sales of organic whey protein have tripled every year for the last 3 years?

Bulk Organic Whey Protein

We started Sweet Purity Organics just a few years ago in response to the demand for USDA certified organic whey, with reliable U.S. based delivery and fulfillment operations. We have low minimums, and U.S. based shipping rates.

Due to the exploding popularity of organic products, we are making available these products at wholesale prices with low minimum orders. We believe the best way to promote organic agriculture and fair trade is through increasing the market for such sustainable products, and making it easier for more people to purchase them. This is our company mission: increase market revenue for small sustainable farming practices.

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Your purchase supports small family farms

Real wholesale prices to grow your business

Organic today means a better future tomorrow

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